You were on my mind and I just found this page today:


This page is wonderful and well deserving. I still feel that your exposure is underrated when it comes to your effect on students.

That had to be the best three years of my life. College couldn’t compare to the experience we all received working with you in that environment which you had established and still maintained. We didn’t even want to go to class some days. We just wanted to keep playing nonstop! You had to kick us out and unplug the PA system (laugh).

Pop, keep up the good work. Man of your jazz pupils leave Duke coming out playing just as good as people twice their age. That’s a huge accomplishment and great reflection upon yourself.

I always credit you for the direction and level my playing has taken. I definitely didn’t come into your class playing as well as I did by senior year. People always compliment and say “wow…you have great talent” etc…but I think it was great exposure and training we received from you. Ranging from those crazy tempos you call to the renouned artist you bring in, all of this just adds to the skills one will pick up in your classroom.

I’ll call you when I’m coming to the area. Take care.


Ephraim (a pianist and former student)