The Washington Jazz Arts Institute has given me the opportunity to study and increase my knowledge of music, which was small since I never studied music. I couldn’t really read music or improvise because of the lack of musical knowledge and because I had taught myself to play in a manner that gave my playing a handicap. There were just a lot of things that I did not know that I have learned. I now have knowledge of chord changes. I know major, minor, diminished, dominant, and augmented scales. When I started playing I had no idea that you played a minor scale differently than a major scale. I’m a college student and will be attending a music school this year and what I have learned has prepared me for school in September. I know that I will now be able to keep up, with some of the knowledge of what is going on. It really is a blessing to have incredible musicians such as Mr.Wes Biles and Mr. Davey Yarborough take time out to teach young musicians how to improvise and just overall play well you know. In this program you are being prepared to take on bigger challenges in music, with the knowledge you need in order to conquer and accomplish whatever is thrown your way.

Anonymous – 16