WJAI was a great experience for me. It was fun as well as educational. WJAI exposed me to a lot of Jazz and definitely improved my playing and taught me tons of new techniques. All my peers and teachers were supportive of me and pushed me to do things I might never have done on my own, such as solos. The teachers were great. They helped me in each of the areas in which I needed help. Plus this program helped me discover how much music can make a difference in my life. First of all, it gives me something to do with my free time that makes me happy. It helped me learn that playing trombone is a stress producer. I also played a different kind of music than I usually play at school. WJAI also helped me take my instrument more seriously. Before WJAI I would barely practice at all during the week. Overall, I think that WJAI was a great fun and education experience that I will remember for years to come.