This program is great! I learned so much about playing the saxophone and many different things. I met a lot of new friends who really kind of don’t like it when I laugh. I also met some new teachers that taught me a lot. Brian, who helped teach the saxophones, is very fun to work with. I learned about the amature (aperture???) and how to get the sound to sound better. I even learned new notes and new songs that are wonderful. Many people who go here have been playing for a long time, but I think I’m catching up with some of them already. This program is great to teach kids the fundamentals of arts and Jazz. You can learn so many things even if you are a pro or not and you can help teach kids to read (music) or learn new things that you’ve learned. This program has really helped me read and practice even harder for next year so I can help another young student. I hope that one day this program will take in so many students that we will need a bigger building. In conclusion, this program should go on forever.

Elias Clark – 15